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Shingle Roofs


Residential Asphalt Shingle Roof Repair & Installation in Newark, New Jersey

Asphalt shingles are relatively inexpensive, when compared to other types of roofing systems such as slate, tile, wood shake or metal, and offer a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from. Typically most asphalt shingle roofs offer a lifetime material warranty and our installation warranty is usually for 20 years, twice the length of industry standards. Most shingles also have upgraded wind ratings to reduce blown off shingles during storms and treat their products to help combat algae and moss.

As a leading roofing contractor in Newark since 1990, we know that the three basic components of a shingle are the base layer, asphalt, and the granules. The reinforcement layer typically starts out with either an asphalt-saturated organic felt or a fiberglass mat. This reinforcement is the structural base of the shingle, to which the other raw materials (asphalt and granules) are applied. In order for asphalt roofing shingles to provide protection, the reinforcement must resist tearing, warping and shrinkage when applied on stable, well-ventilated roof decks.

During shingle manufacturing, the reinforcement is coated with asphalt to provide the water-resistant layer that protects the felt and your roof from the elements. The thickness of this layer of asphalt determines the weight of the shingle. Many believe that the heavier the shingle the greater the protection offered. Finally, a layer of granules is pressed into the surface of the asphalt. The granules protect the layer of asphalt from the ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Without this layer of protection, the asphalt layer would quickly deteriorate.

When choosing to replace your shingle roof, you should consider other components possibly needing attention, which also may affect your roof’s longevity. These items are your chimney, gutters and leaders, skylights, attic ventilation, insulation, fascia trim, exterior painting and more. Doing the right job the first time with a reliable, insured and certified contractor will bring you the benefit of a beautiful, leak free roof for many years to come.

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