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Radiant Barrier & Insulation


Residential Radiant Barrier Installation
in Newark, New Jersey

How does radiant barrier insulation work?

Heat travels using conduction, convection and radiation. Conduction is direct transfer of heat through materials, while convection transfers heat via moving air and radiation transfer heat through space, much like light. Radiant barriers act like a mirror, reflecting thermal radiation.

The sun itself is a source of radiant heat. The sun’s heat is absorbed by the roofing materials which then radiate the heat through the attic space and onto the attic floor. The insulation and ceiling materials absorb this heat and transfer it into the interior of the house by radiation. The radiant barrier will reflect the heat back to the roof where it will radiate back into the atmosphere.

Why are radiant barriers installed alongside other types of insulation?

No matter what it’s made out of, mass insulation does one thing: It creates a barrier of still air. This stops air flow needed for convection while acting as a physical barrier to conduction. Together with a radiant barrier, all aspects of heat movement are addressed.

How much benefit can I see by having a barrier installed?

Utility costs can be decreased as much as 17 percent in the right conditions. Radiant barriers are effective in keeping heat inside during the winter as well as keeping heat outside during the summer. This makes them ideal for homes in warm climates as well as those in cold climates. This is particularly true for homes with HVAC ductwork installed in the attic since there’s a direct route of heat transfer from the attic air.

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