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Shingle Roofs


Commercial Asphalt Shingles in New Jersey

Asphalt shingles, unlike some other roof types are inexpensive, easy to purchase, and offer a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from. Roofing shingles typically have a 30-50 year life expectancy, based on the performance of three components and their ability to resist weathering.

Shingle Roof Components

The three basic components of a shingle are the base layer, asphalt, and the granules. The reinforcement layer typically starts out with either an asphalt-saturated organic felt or a fiberglass mat. This reinforcement is the structural base of the shingle, to which the other raw materials (asphalt and granules) are applied. In order for asphalt roofing shingles to provide protection, the reinforcement must resist tearing, warping and shrinkage when applied on stable, well-ventilated roof decks.

Shingle Roof Types

There are 3 basic types of asphalt roof shingles:

  • Strip shingles or “3 tabs”
  • Dimensional/architectural
  • Designer shingles

The standard 3 tab shingle is the lightest shingle and the least expensive. However, it also contains the least amount of asphalt and carries the shortest warranty, typically 25 years. Dimensional shingles are the most common choice today. These shingles have a 2 piece laminate construction that allows for not only additional protection, but also gives the appearance of simulated wood shingles.

Curb Appeal

When choosing your shingles, you should consider various factors. For example, if your roof has a steep pitch, you’ll be able to see more of the roof from the ground. Therefore, a dimensional or designer shingle would give a more distinct and individual look, adding more curb appeal.

If you live in an area of New Jersey where algae discoloration is a factor, you should make sure the shingle is dark in color and/or contains an algae resistant chemical. Color too is important not only for aesthetic reasons, but also temperature. A dark shingle will absorb heat while a lighter color will reflect some of it.

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