ROOF4ROOF Comes to the Aid of Non-Profit Samaritan Inn

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Roof4Roof helps Samaritan InnThe Samaritan Inn, a nonprofit that provides emergency food and shelter to homeless families in the county, now has a brand new roof!

With the help of a $10,000 grant and an additional $10,000 raised from the community, as well as the low bid from residential and commercial roofing company Roof4Roof in Carlstadt, Samaritan Inn was able to remove their steeple and replace their roof.

“It was amazing someone was willing to do it for only $20,000,” Metzger said.

Our company focus is on supplying emergency roofing repair to those in need and proceeds from each of their projects goes back to those in the community.

“They were willing to give back to the community at discounted rate, it was just amazing,” Metzger said.

Contractors on Monday began work on the roof, which required them to first remove the steeple and the bell tower, and completed the project on Wednesday.

Metzger said the building was built in the 1800s so the steeple and bell tower were constructed using heavy beams and planks, the “norm” for this era, requiring a lot of heavy lifting.

Now with a new roof, Metzger can focus on other issues or concerns that have come up at the Samaritan Inn.

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