Cyclist pedals through Bayonne to help homeowners in need

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news14The summer heatwave and violent thunderstorms keep most people indoors, but not a cyclist with a determination to help struggling homeowners.

Chuck Anania, is on a grueling mission to bike 500 miles in an effort to promote Roof4Roof, an organization dedicated to providing emergency roof repairs to homeowners in need.

The 39-year-old father of two, began pedaling on July 24 in Trenton and rode his bike down Avenue C in Bayonne this afternoon. He will be visiting 130 cities as he bikes 15 miles daily from New Jersey to upstate New York and Connecticut, finishing his journey in Times Square on August 7.

“I’m just trying to raise awareness for our project,” said Anania after he  stopped his bike at City Hall to cool down in the shade and sprinklers.

Roof4Roof, founded by Anania in 2010, provides roof repairs free of charge to homeowners who can’t afford it.

“For every new roof we install we provide a family in need with a roof,” said Anania.

With 20 years of experience in the business, he began installing free roofs in South America after he witnessed extreme poverty during a trip to Columbia with his wife, Claudia. He decide to get involved locally after receiving calls from homeowners asking for help.

“A lot of people especially in this economy just can’t afford to pay the $5 and $10 to fix what needs to be fixed,” said Anania.

Since its founding, Roof4Roof has helped repair 24 roofs for homeowners such as those who recently lost their jobs, elder couples on fixed incomes, and struggling families.

A North Arlington resident and owner of New Jersey Certified Roofing LLC. based in Montclair, Anania said Roof4Roof is a division of his company and is funded by 25 percent of collected profits.

Once rested, Anania began mounting his bike and laughed saying he is not Lance Armstrong.

“The heat doesn’t help,” he said as he prepared to make his way to Staten Island. “But I made a commitment and I’m sticking to it.”

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