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news11Stroud Township, Monroe County – A project to repair a roof ends up repairing something more important, a Stroud Township woman’s faith in humanity. “They just renewed my thoughts of people not being wonderful,” smiled Ruth Brennan as she listened to the sound of people repairing her roof.

Brennan, 92, said she has been having a hard time recently. She’s had some medical issues and she has been living under a damaged roof since Hurricane Sandy blew
through last year.

It was going to cost her more than $5,000 to fix it. She didn’t have the money. So Roof 4 Roof owner Chuck Anania stepped in to help. For every paid project his company does, Anania donates services for another project. He said, “That’s just who we are. That’s our company mission to help people in need one for one.”

Roof 4 Roof is based in New Jersey but does projects in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. Anania said, “Some people need new roofs. Some people need emergency repairs. We have a lot of people who have collapsed chimneys or issues in the winter time where they can’t get heat.”

While Brennan was thrilled to get her roof fixed, she was also happy to be reminded there are good people out there. She smiled, “There’s wonderful people out there. You just have to be lucky enough as I was to find them.”

The company gets referrals from churches and Habitat for Humanity. There is a waiting list to get free repairs.

Proceeds from every project are used to help families in need…
Let your purchase make a difference.

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